Feynman Dynamics

Born for Nano-Materials Fabrication and Application


Energy crisis and environmental pollution are the major challenges faced by our society in the process of development. These big issues may finally resort to something very small, which we call “nanomaterials”. Richard Feynman, the Nobel laureate, has been considered as the forefather of the modern nanoscience. He said once “What I cannot create, I do not understand.” Here in Feynman Dyanmics, a team of young people aim to explore the plenty of room at the bottom of the materials world by transforming what they have learnt into useful products. With the help of leading scientists and visionary business developers, we try to solve the big problems of this era with the small weapons —— “Nanomaterials”. We provide commercial products like carbon-supported noble metal catalysts, well-defined nanocrystals, and valuable chemicals.

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Focus on your problems, not time-consuming synthesis

Feynman Dynamics shortens the period of research and free you from the complex synthesis process. We provide multiple types of carbon-supported noble metal catalysts and other well-controlled nano-materials for lab research and industrial applications. We also have customized products for many special target scenes, satisfying the complex commands in your applications.

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Think Big, Create Small

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