Noble Metal Catalysts for Electrochemistry

Providing noble metal catalysts loading on the Vulcan-XC72 conductive carbon black, facing industrial application of fuel cell, water splitting and electro-reduction of carbon dioxide.

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Providing various morphology nano-crystals including Pd nanocube, Pt nanocube, Pt octahedrons for special needs. More materials with other morphology are coming soon.

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Provide varied advanced characterization for industries and researcher to shed light on the microstructure of materials.

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Data Analysis

Provide the post-processing service for the experimental data, including the simulation and data-mining.

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Fuel Cell Parts

Provide various fuel cell parts like Membrane, CCM, etc.

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“Haute Cou-ture”

Provide the opportunity of the creation of exclusive custom-fitted catalysis for your unique application scene.

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